Lyon, France: “Immediate Eviction” Festival from 21st-28th March 2015

21st-28th March: around Gérard Collomb’s Worst Year [Mayor of Lyon] !

The end of March is the end of their “trève hivernale” [the legal ‘truce’ which ‘forbids’ evictions during the winter period], therefore it is expected that the return of spring marks the resumption of eviction frenzies. The increasingly repressive climate, suddenly illegal evictions, excessive sentences; to show their determination to shatter the initiatives beyond  their reach.

We have not said our last word!

One week of concerts, activities, workshops, meals, meetings and surprises.
In the squats; outside the walls; in the street!

Saturday 21st:

From the afternoon

Concert of wild punk and hip-hop somewhere in Lyon:

– Cascarrabias (Punk Lyon)
– Zone Infinie (Punk St-Etienne)

– Bloodia (Rap St-Etienne)
– 01D (Rap Ain)

+ Infoshop
+ Freeshop/swop : bring stuff to get rid of, exchange, and / or help
yourself amidst a collection of rescued wonders from the trash…

Monday 23rd


– Board games, coinche card game tournament (bring games if you want!)
– Street Fighter 2 Alpha Tournament + rétrogaming
– Fanzine/comic creating – antigouleme crew

Tuesday 24th

– Tattoos
– Computer-tech workshop
– Rapid STI screenings for AIDS/Hepatitis

+ Meal

Wednesday 25th

Basketball tournament (Olympic Undergound)

Children of all ages:

– Festival mass: croquet, sack race, obstacle course, others
– paper mache
– Pinata
– Crayons
– Screening for kids / snacks

+ Meal

Thursday 26th


Food not cops

In the street: Vegan food based on skipped products

+ Freeshop and infoshop


– Screenings/discussions (schedule coming soon!)
Followed by Karaoke-choir / Aerobics (bring your fluoro outfits!)

Friday 27th

+ Knowledge sharing workshops

– Computer-tech
– Plastic soldering
– Metal forging
– Metal welding
– Clay screen printing
– Tottoo machine manufacturing
– Romani initiation

Other proposals welcome (contact us)!

– Press tables

Workshops can continue on Saturday

Saturday 28th


– Football (Olympic Underground)
– Painting, fresco (mural painting), stenchils
– Open Mic


Evening of performances and concerts:

– Petra crowbar. Synth Cold (Amiens)
– “Dansmonje” solo clown
– Chaudière. Rock Garage (Lyon)
– The Kag: “Stress and sequins”. Burlesque musical theater
– La Bête (Contortion)
– Noisy Be (Mix electro)
– …

There will also be an introduction to Systema (Russian martial art) and probably some changes…

The program will be available and updated quickly on!

Everything at/for prix libre [liberated/free price]!

A tobien!

All Power To The People & ACAB

Contact for info, addresses, proposals, hosting requests/proposals:

[Translated from article published March 13th 2015]