Utrecht (NL): New Squat

Translated from the Dutch article at indymedia.

As of today (6/2/15) there is a new place added to the squat register of the city of Utrecht.

Our research showed that the building on the Ravellaan number 7 was over a year no longer used according to the original permissions. This year someone applied for an environmental permit for the realization of a temporary event location. There would be three events held this year but at the behest of the residents association and Welgelegen, there was an objection after the first event. The neighborhood has indicated there was too much disturbance from the week long event.

We want to make clear that we will not be a nuisance. In fact, we want to provide for the area a social and cultural meeting place . We will involve both the residents, as the association Welgelegen .

We are a small group which is willing to sit down to make any agreements with the owner regarding the use of the property.

The police officeris coming tomorrow on Feb 7 to drink coffee.

The squatting peace is so respected, but for how long we don’t know….

Oh yeah and everyone is always welcome, so come round!