Lelystad (NL): Freespace De Waaghaals unjustly and illegally evicted

Quick translation from indymedia

The police came to tell the people that they had to pack their belongings and the property had to be empty before 14:00 in the afternoon.

Two days previously we were suddenly cut off from our electricity without notice while we busy putting our name on a bill. The same afternoon we actually had the appointment for a reconnection.

There was also an agreement with the municipality that we definitely could stay until August. The police and municipality came along for weekly meetings with ons. And the Salvation Army even sent people to us when they were full.

Our beautiful plans for a sanctuary with cafe / youth center and shelter will now not be able to go through and we have been evicted for emptiness. The owner, a developer from Amsterdam whose name is not known, had decided to evict the property without giving us a chance to argue against, since the eviction took place without a court process and there was no further judicial review of the urgent importance of the eviction. Thus this eviction was illegal and unjustified.

The eviction itself occurred without resistance. It started around 14:30 and lasted until about 19:00. There was a spontaneous demonstration and a banner was hung from the roof with the words “Gemeente Lelystad Zet Ons In De Kou!” The residents were happy to get their valuables and pets out of the property.

A group of 15 young people are now homeless, not to mention the people who were staying in our emergency shelter. We will certainly not let them down and will take further legal action.

Gemeente Lelystad Zet Ons In De Kou! U Ook?