London: Giggles Nursery evicted last week

Giggles Nursery in Grove Green Road, Leytonstone, closed last year and a group of four squatters have been living there since the end of May. The squatters were evicted via court order by Waltham Forest council last Wednesday and the authority will clean up the premises today. The Guardian spoke to one squatter, known as Rob, who was still at the property on Friday to gather together his belongings.

The 47-year-old said: “We’re just trying to eat and sleep here, it’s not like we’re smoking Havana cigars and sitting in a Jacuzzi.”

Rob claims that the graffiti in the property was there before he moved in and he said he painted over the obscenities. Neighbours who spoke to the Guardian said the squatters were not a major disturbance to the area. No plans for the site have been released by the council. For more on this  story, see next week’s Guardian – out Thursday.

Source – Corporate Press