Den Haag: Council wants to evict and demolish the Vloek

On May 30th, De Vloek (Pirate Bar) received a letter from the city of the Hague indicating that there are construction plans for their location. The city wants to demolish the building and sell the land to a developer who wants to build a top sailing center.

De Vloek was squatted 12 years ago and has grown into an vital locale in the harbor of Scheveningen where many non-profit initiatives have been developed. De Vloek is home to the organic vegan restaurant “Water en Brood,” a concert hall “de Piratenbar”, many studios and workspaces, living space and rehearsal spaces for bands. Everything that happens in de Vloek has been started and maintained without subsidies and the terrain is self managed. Hundreds of people come every week to participate in the diverse activities at de Vloek. Alternative spaces such as this one should therefore be kept in operation.

For years, the city has been trying to change the harbor of Scheveningen into a paradise for sailors and yuppies. Many businesses, such as shipping wharves, which made the harbor what it was, have had to make room for expensive apartments, office space and a Nautical Center where no Scheveninger feels at home. Many of the new buildings have been empty for years. What was once a lively and characteristic harbor has slowly but surely been handed over to a small group of elite rich people while becoming increasingly boring. With this plan to demolish de Vloek, alderman Norder wants to ruin the harbor even further before he leaves office.
The Top Sailing Center is still located in the Nautical Center, a location with which they even claim to be satisfied. The reason why a new building has to be built is a mystery to us. There is already a lot of empty space in the Nautical Center and this plan will only cause an increase in vacancy. We wonder why de Vloek, which is of great importance to thousands of people, has to move out of the way.

When the city wants to demolish de Vloek is still not certain. The city has invited us to come next Wednesday 4 June to discuss the plans. We are therefore also waiting until this discussion to know for sure. We have no reason to leave and give up all of our worthwhile projects and initiatives.

As soon as there is news of developments, we will let everyone know, so keep an eye on the trusted channels.