15th May – International Day Against the World Cup

International Day Against the World Cup

cartaz-15m_web-1-inglesWhich is and will be the legacy of the 2014 soccer world cup?

8 deaths during the renovation of / in the soccer arenas of the world cup and 3 deaths in arenas which follow the same standards;
250.000 people forcefully removed from their homes;
Street vendors and independent artists who are forbidden to work;

Women, children and adolescents who suffer from sexual exploitation;
Homeless people who suffer violence and ”hygienization” (are expelled from the downtown area);
Private corporations taking care of public space and streets;
Elitization of the soccer stadiums;
Billions invested in armament of the police to use against the people;
Laws declaring state of emergency and criminalizing demonstrations;
And an immense and questionable public debt the people will have to pay.

For this legacy, we hold responsible the corporations sponsoring the FIFA world cup, the construction companies, the mafias FIFA and CBF (Brazilian soccer federation), the municipal, state and federal governments, as well as the legislative and judicial branches!

What do we demand?
It is correct that the biggest part of violations of peoples’ rights in order to organize “the world cup of world cups” have already been committed, but there are still possibilities to change the legacy of this mega-event:
A decent home for all persons removed from their homes! Key for key!
End of the violence of the state and of the “hygienization” in the downtown area!
Immediate revocation of FIFA’s “exclusive areas”, laid down in the “general law for the world cup” and permission for street workers to sell in these areas!
Creation of campaigns to fight sexual exploitation and human trafficking!
Non – installment of the special courts of FIFA!
Revocation of the law that grants general tax exemption to FIFA and its business partners!
Immediate stop to all bills and norms that define the crime of terrorism, that serve to criminalize social movements and increase violence against the young and black population!
Demilitarization of the police and end of the repression of social movements!

We demand our “right to the city” and our right to protest!


Extract from “Comitê Popular Contra  a Copa de Sao Paulo”: https://comitepopularsp.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/15m-dayagainstworldcup/