Amsterdam: First squat of 2014

Plantage Middenlaan 72 Amsterdam

First squatting action in Amsterdam 2014. Good start of the year, lots of people, beautiful empty house Today visit of neighborhood cop and for the moment we stay. Thanks to all the people that show solidarity and help to make it possible. Kraaken gaat door 2014. The house is located on Plantage Middenlaan 72, Amsterdam. Neighbourhood letter below
Dear neighbours,

Today, Sunday 5 january 2014 the empty apartments located on plantage middenlaan 72 and plantage badlaan 26 have been opened to become a living space again. These apartments have been empty for over a year and fors ure will remain empty for some more time. The inside is not ready to rent or sell and there are no future plans that will make this possible.

Lvining in the city of Amsterdam is becoming harder and harder every day. Illegal renting, abusive prices for rooms, no rights for tenants and a burocratic system that is made to protect the interests of a few owners and companies that earn millions on one of the most basic needs of people, a roof above their heads.

The city council of Amsterdam and the O.M. keep evicting for emptyness, the most recent: Plantage middenlaan 64, which after eviction, remains empty and with no kind of work at all going on the inside except for some marrocan security/antikraak. But the list is endless. Vrolikstraat, Swamerdam 12, Bessemerstraat or Zeeburgerpad (Happily resquated rescently!) and many more. The housing problem will never be resolved by evictions! Kraken gaat door!

The group that will use these apartments only have the intentions of making it a living space. There are no plans to create any kind of social space. If you have any questions please ask the mand any suggestions are always welcome.

Sincerely yours,
Squatters of plantage middenlaan 72.

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