Calais (France): Summer of evictions reaps devastation


As we come towards the end of the summer no borders are counting there losses, every shelter has been raided, trashed, evicted on multiple occasions, leaving many of the migrants on the streets without tents or sleeping bags. Added to this, the rain and the cold are sapping any remaining energy, and many are sick.

The project no borders have been most involved with, that had become a shelter for the most venerable woman, children, elderly and injured people in small house called Victor Hugo or often by the migrants the woman’s house. This project has gone through many changes from being a social centre on the first floor enabling many migrants to cook their own meals to kitchen for activist groups round Europe.

Unfortunately with the massive pressure put on the space by the police evictions, the rules decided by the women of the house aren’t being respected, as there are many men coming with no other place to go leading to a desperate situation.

A police chief previously openly reported to the press after the beerhouse eviction that they hoped to show to the courts that Victor Hugo could not be maintained to safety standards by repelling migrants from shelters in all corners of Calais.

3 Tent jungles have continued to re-surface in the face of constant police raids. The afghan jungle, the Sudanese jungle and recently the Syrian camp.

We have continued to be inspired by the examples of the Syrians determination to stand up and be recognized. They stand for the inhumane treatment of all migrants in Calais.

It is a massive shame on the collusion of England and France, anyone who believes in these 2 countries as the beholder of human rights and liberty should be ashamed.

Published on Calais Migrant Solidarity, documenting police harassment of migrants in Calais and strengthening resistance against the border regime: