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We will give more updates as soon as we can, but the short story is that we urgently need people to come to site to help us plan. We’ve just heard that we lost our appeal in the UK’s second-highest court so the landowner now has a live possession order. We don’t know the landowner’s plans, so we don’t know whether or when he will apply for a warrant from the County Court for bailiffs, and beyond then whether or when he might hire bailiffs.

Grow Heathrow at Court

Grow Heathrow at Court


We are continuing to try to negotiate with the landowner to buy the land, and there is no threat until at least Monday.

We need people here to help us plan what we can do now. There is travel info to get at Please bring a tent, roll mat and sleeping bag. There is lots of indoor space, so you’re unlikely to need a tent, but it’s useful just in case.

If you can’t come to site, please consider donating any cash you can spare – we need money now more than ever and even £10 makes a huge difference for us. There’s an orange ‘donate’ button on our site:

Oh, and one more thing: we’re not going anywhere.

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