London, May 12th: NO Evictions! Campaigning and Protest in the Context of the Housing Crisis

Today, many people are facing eviction because of the unfair welfare changes which will force people into debt and arrears. How can we campaign to keep people in their homes? Join us for an afternoon of housing related discussion, international skill sharing, developing ideas for creative protest action and networking!

Speakers are housing activists from Berlin and Barcelona, Isabel Counihan-Sanchez from the Counihan campaign, a solicitor and the Branch Chair of Unite Housing workers Paul Kershaw, a former anti-poll tax activist.
 We’ll be asking:

  • What can we learn of the Counihan campaign?
  • What “eviction resistance” means in other European countries?
  • Why we might choose to get involved in anti-eviction campaigning and direct action?
  • What are the possible legal consequences of different types of protest action?
  • What are alternatives to the housing crisis?

Find out more about the german and spanish anti-eviction movement on the Eviction Information Network. The facebook website aims to provide an international view on anti-eviction campaigning and protest, collecting personal stories of people affected and trace the little and big victories of anti-eviction movements.

 MAY 12th, 2:30 – 6:30pm
@ Richmix, 35-47 Bethnal Geen Rd City of London, London, E1 6LA
WORKSHOP 1: The housing crisis and alternative policies (2:30 – 4:00pm)
Paul Kershaw, Branch chair of Unite Housing Workers, speaks about the housing crisis. Isabel Counihan-Sanchez will present the Counihan campaign. We want to sum up their experiences and explore how we can support them.
***Chaired by Suzanne Muna, Convenor HCA


We get informed by a solicitor about the possible legal consequences of different types of protest action.
WORKSHOP 2: International skillsharing & networking (5:00 – 6:30pm)
The international housing activists will present photographs and short films and share their experience, knowledge and tactics. We want to discuss which elements could be used to build up a NO Eviction Network in UK and start planning first steps to set up local campaign groups.


***Chaired by Pilgrim Tucker, Unite Community Organizer
END (6:30pm)


facebook event:!/events/563085740399053/

Hosted by Unite Housing Workers & Unite Community




FILM & DISCUSSION “Don’t mention the 47” (7:00 – 10pm)


“Don’t mention the 47” is a documentary that re-opens a crucial chapter in Liverpool (& British) history. In the years between 1983 and 1987 a group of 47 elected Labour councilors refused to transfer the cuts implemented by Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government.