Calais (France): Illegal eviction of new legal squat

March 28th: At 3pm the cops discovered a new squat. The occupants had put up the legal notice article 423-8 and proof that they had been in the building for more than 48 hours – but the police, as so often, did not care about their own laws. Luckily there were only a few people inside who managed to escape before the police broke an illegal entry. Legally they would have needed a court order to enter, which they never presented.

An anonymous person got arrested and released after more than 24 hours – being presented with a paper telling her that she had been heard saying “fuck the police fuck the police society fuck no identity no”. Surprisingly the PAF could not make up a charge that was a bit more creative. The arrested person heard them discussing “what they should put as reason for arresting her” for several minutes in the arrest van AFTER they had put her in handcuffs. Handcuffing is illegal in an id control. According to the cops outside the arrest van she was in for just an id control- communication problem or sign of willingness to randomly arrest anyone who gets in their way; we can only guess…

Cops did not give the occupiers permission to take things out the building.

Owner of the new legal squat was apparently the municipalité. A person had been brought over for the occasion representing them – her only function was to chitchat with the cops and repeat “i m the owner i m the owner” over and over again. Now the city council can happily go back to not using the empty building. This meaningful purpose must have been worth a lot to the municipality considering what it must have cost to put round 30 cops up for several hours to watch 1 guy making tiny wholes in a piece of glass.

The occupants had vanished in the meantime but the PAF took their time to search the building to check if noone was hiding behind a piece of wallpaper.

28mars 029
how many cops does it need to…?

28mars 009

The only one without uniform: Mignonnet; who likes to call himself the deputy major attended the eviction as well; as usual contributing nothing but his smug presence and joy in other peoples’ misery.

Report originally from Lille Indymedia, translated by Calais Migrant Solidarity.