Self Organised London still alive and kicking!

A brief update on our situation and upcoming events…

As Self-Organised London Social Space, we have now been squatting Eileen House at 80-94 Newington Causeway in Elephant & Castle for three weeks against welfare cuts, gentrification and the privatisation of space.

In response, we aim to provide space for community self-organisation, and have so far hosted events such as; People’s Kitchen, housing action meetings, talks, film screenings, theatre, music, workshops and discussions. It’s now been over two weeks since we lost possession in High Court with bailiffs due at any time, but we are continuing to run the social space from Wednesday to Sunday from 2-10pm.

Coming up this weekend in our event listings we have Spanish-English language exchange nearby and a local ‘workfare sleuth‘ to support on Saturday, with on Sunday the weekly political theatre and tango lessons from Library St London, as well as the new Queer Cinema from London Queer Social Centre.

The following week is again quieter than previous weeks, but so far includes SOL weekly general meeting (all are invited to come along) on Monday, another Jobseekers & ESA workshop from Unrooted crew and a Queer equinox drumming & dance party on Wednesday, with for Thursday screenings of 15M movement documentaries after the regular People’s Kitchen.

To book an event please contact us on selforganisedlondon [at] riseup [dot] net, via 07874304848, or just drop in and chat to some of us. To keep updated on latest event bookings and SOL news keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook.

Whilst our numbers are still growing, we continue to appreciate the support, donations and practical help to run the social space, so please feel free to drop in during our opening hours (Wed-Sun 2-10pm) to get involved, or just to have a chat, tea, coffee or snacks.

Fight Gentrification – Reclaim Regeneration – For a Self-organised London