London (UK): S.O.L. lost in Court….PEOPLE’S KITCHEN (&…) AS USUAL !!!

Yet again, the law has served the interests of corporate business: The High Court issued an order of possession for Eileen House. It might result in bailiffs turning up anytime from today afternoon: we’ll have a legal update then.

But we insist: at a time when welfare and benefits are cut by the government, thousands of properties stand empty, and community and public spaces are sold off for private profit, squatting is more than legitimate!

The past week has shown what a forceful impact squatters, activists and residents can have against gentrification. Our wide range of events and activities covered people’s kitchen, film-screenings, talks and discussions on housing and welfare cuts, an anti-gentrification walk, a Latin American night, live music events, and much more. Instead of being an empty and neglecte space on a main road, Eileen House is now buzzing with activity! A big thanks to all of the many locals and Londoners who attended our events in huge numbers, every day! Do continue to visit us, to suggest events, to support us in solidarity!
Whatever will happen in the next days, we will try to uphold our spirit of community, of action, and of resistance!

Fight Gentrification – Reclaim Regeneration – For a Self-organised London

WE ARE STILL HAVING OUR PEOPLE’S KITCHEN AS EVERY THURSDAY, and still -most likely for the last time- in Eileen House (SE1 6EF)!!!!…Bring positive energy + banners’ material maybe + thought of staying around if needed. After food, experience sharing from housing struggle campaigns in UK & elsewhere, watching inspiring videos, etc….. & much more……………..

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