France: Highest risks of eviction in the ZAD

Several sources let us believe that evictions are imminent. We got wind of a first wave of evictions on Tuesday the 16th of October at dawn. We received precise informations about where troops will be staying, the planned route to access the area, the number of personnel involved (500 gendarmes). This first wave should concern houses that are already evictable and also the cabins. This should be followed by a second wave about ten days later, regarding this time tree-houses and three houses, La Sècherie, les Rosiers, la Saulce where the baillif chose this august to bring forward the date from when they’re evictable, moving it from november 15th to october 27th.
For the last few weeks teams of police have been around the ZAD gathering information in preparation, like measuring the height of the tree-houses. Police teams are currently patrolling, including some with parisian number plates. Traffic controls have been increased on and around the ZAD. Last Tuesday (October 09th ) the last squat in Grandchamps was evicted with the help of impressive police deployment.
This week again the security provisions have been strengthened at the Regional Parliament, the court of Nantes and other strategic locations. While officially this has been justified as anti-terrorism measures, the press suspects this is a pretext for potential ZAD evictions.
We’re staying alert. A call-out was published calling on groups and individuals wishing to act in solidarity with the struggle here to carry out
decentralised actions (see Any initiatives are and will be welcomed. People wishing to come to the ZAD are invited to organize themselves accordingly : be aware of how busy we’ll be, so plan
to be as autonomous as possible. We are making logistical preparations against evictions, we invite friends and neighbours to come and support us. You can keep up to date with what’s going on on our website (