London: 100 police illegally evict social centre

One of London’s largest and most active social centres was evicted Friday morning by around 100 police from the Territorial Support Group. According to reports, occupants were rudely awakened by an unruly mob of riot police breaking the inner door to their sleeping area. As no legal process had been initiated, an old warrant for the building was used as a pretext for the eviction. Occupants were in shock with the latest move by the authorities which allegedly defies nearly all the basic rights for every person to justice, as well as contravening Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

In addition most of them were denied access to their possessions as the door was locked shut by bailiffs and they were left outside in the cold to contemplate the immediate dashing of their dreams.

The social centre, which held a free vegan dinner and bicycle workshop every week was building up to a more productive spring when they were attacked.

One squatter, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We are shocked how far the authorities go to undermine our liberty. This sort of unprovoked violence is nothing short of fascism.”

Some experts suggest authorities rash assault on civil rights in the last year is a bid to gentrify parts of London ahead of the Olympics.

Reports suggest that over 15,000 police officers will be stationed in the capital during the 25bn pound event, with critics saying all this money will be swallowed by multinationals just as the poor are being cut of even their most basic needs.

Authorities will have power to enter and evict any building they want during this period, powers normally handed out only in wartime.