New squat in Cologne, Germany: Our first statement

On 2nd March 2012 we, a group of leftist people, squatted an abandoned building at Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße, near the old industrial complex of the KHD-Group in Cologne.

We want to develop a collective here. The squat is a place for both, working and living beside the capitalistic enforcement. We want to live with each other without hierarchically structured regulation.

There are a few projects in Cologne, that are pretty similar to our idea of living.
But in the neocon city there`s not enough space for libertarian projects, so most of those free spaces are still struggling and many people are left alone, without employment, without a home, even without health insurance.
People have to be in the welfare system to get those things. If someone is unemployed and doesn`t want to be part of the welfare system she or he has no chance. People who do not agree with the government and don’t want to be in dependency, are always in struggle. The state acts against them and the police criminalizes them. But if people steal, because they`re hungry (if they`re squatters, because they need a place to live, if they take action against authorities, because they feel suppressed)… if so, they`re no criminals. The criminals are those people who act against freedom, equality and social changes. This is due to capitalism. It`s only purpose is to make even more money and the biggest part of humankind is suffering from it.

Law and Order do they very best to keep us down. Everyone is afraid of jail, it`s a normal reaction. But most of them forget, that fear can be a jailhouse, too. And the state uses the fear to build up a metaphorically cage in it`s people`s heads. But even if we`re afraid of repression; our will against the system and this capitalistic society is always stronger than fear. We don`t care about the structure of ownership and the investors. We will not argue about the point, that we don`t „own“ the house. It`s our squat, the place where we can live and that`s why we will stay!
Everybody is welcome to visit us and to become part of the project. But if somebody is not interested in emancipation, she or he should better not come. The squat is no place to act discriminatory. We don`t tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, lookism and classism.

We stand together with the people all over the world, who are fighting for freedom and emancipation. We can`t stand it anymore. From now on, we are the only ones to decide about our lives. The struggle continues, let’s fight the capitalistic system!

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