London: Social Centre Raided

The Peckham Social Centre has been going for two months now and has held fundraisers and community events. It’s a squatted space with attempts to make a deal with the owners and has become a hub of activity in South London with the space lovingly transformed into a functioning social centre from a derelict warehouse.

The raid tonight was illegal and immoral causing huge amounts of stress to the residents while they sat outside eating dinner. One resident ran back inside to close the door but the locks were ripped right off the door by the state’s hired thugs. Sadly no pictures were taken of this criminality as the crew were busy trying to avoid the fate of those who were in the G20 Convergence Space in April 2009 (now the Earl Street Community Centre).

After snooping around the place the thugs in blue threatened to find out more about the space’s use of light (this seems to be an any means necessary kind of action though as on April 28th despite it being shown that the Ratstar Social Centre had an account, the electricity was illegally disconnected from the street anyway) and threatened to be back with a warrant to intimidate the residents further.

If you haven’t been before, it’s a white building with a red fence next to a BP garage. The nearest bus stop is Peckham Road/Southampton Way and nearest station is Peckham Rye (5-10min walk to the social centre).

This is an amazing space and an amazing crew and it’s gutting that it could all end in more violent state evictions. If anyone can come down tonight to support the crew you’ll be welcome to come and share the rest of the food from before this violent interruption.