Nottingham: The Bigger Society Social Club is open

The Notts Free Space is now open to the public. We are occupying the former Conservative Social Club on Church Street in Lenton. Please come and support us tonight and tomorrow whilst we get off the ground. A programme of events will be taking place throughout the week.

The choice of venue was an obvious one – by reclaiming the governing party’s club for a community space we are demonstrating that we are serious about redistributing power and resources. Unlike the Tories whose talk of a Big Society is just that.
This week was chosen because the biggest strike for decades is happening. Many of us are workers who will be striking and others are acting in solidarity with the strikers. We will be serving a post-rally lunch at Bigger Society and we hope to act as a base for people interested in extending this struggle.

We are also standing up for the rights of squatters that the government are desperately trying to remove. We hope that this occupation will be a demonstration of how squatting can be a positive breath of life into a derelict building.

A wide range of workshops and events will be taking place including permaculture, yoga, self-defence and independent media. There are still slots available for you to offer to share your skills and knowledge so please get in touch and book one. There will also be a vegan dinner and a film showing at 7.30 each evening, and the liberated snooker room is at your disposal!

Although it is a social space, we ask you to respect our no drink, no drugs policy. We want it to be a conscious and reflective space where people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

The space will be run by people volunteering to make things work. Although you are welcome to just come along for the workshops and food, if you can help by staying at the space, cooking, washing up, etc we would really appreciate it. There will be rotas going up soon so please put your name down. In particular, we want to make sure the space gets off to a good start with lots of people here tonight and tomorrow during the day, so come down if you can.

You can phone the space (07758 867265) or email to get in touch. See you soon!

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