CZ: Solidarity with UK Struggles

Yesterday we made a little action in Prague to support the struggle against the criminalisation of squatting in UK and to send our love and solidarity to our friends and comrades from Orange Fence and The Factory.

Our attempt to occupy the British embassy failed but we at least managed to block the front door with our banner and spread some English/Czech flyers.

The flyer reads:

“We are here today to show our solidarity with the English squatter’s movement which is now facing a wave of repression and as well the government efforts to criminalise it.”

The UK parliament is planning on Tuesday 1st of November to take the first step towards the criminalization of squatting, voting a clause that makes squatting in residential building a criminal offence, with up to 51 weeks of imprisonment. In the mean time anarchist squats like The Factory in Bristol and The Orange Fence in London are already under treatment of eviction and they are currently fighting to resist that abuse:

“We will always lose in their courts. We will always lose in their elections, their wars, their boardrooms and all their other games.

The only people who win in these settings are the people who already have money and power.

We’re not going to win our freedom fighting rigged battles within their system.

We will win together, outside of and against that system: in the streets; in the squares; in the occupied spaces.”

Criminalization of squatting doesn’t mean end of autonomous spaces. It will not suffocate our desire of self-organization and it will not even stop us from liberating houses from the capitalist machine.

We want and we need homes not shopping malls, banks and posh hotels. Here in Czech Republic, in UK and everywhere else.