Notre-Dame-des-Landes / Nantes (France): A land occupation to make an autonomous village

The ZAD, July 9, 2011,

We are a hundred, we just occupied the land in order to make a autonomous village, to overcome the fight against G8 we gathered together to start to build up a concrete moment of alternatives and struggles.

It’s been a while that we think about the idea to change the way of protest against G8 summits, against pressure, the expected appointment, police traps and event hopping.
By preparing this long term “Camp” which we want to call village, here on La ZAD (Zone to defend) we want to expand this mobilization, take our time for reflection and exchange, linking the global and local struggle…. Our rage is intact: our energy too!

Now we are here and we intend to stay: the land is occupied, there are a lot of motivated people, structures are actually getting mount, the info is spreading: we are here to stay, at least until the end of July!

This open space serves as a laboratory of ideas, a rebel zone, a pirate island, a World apart the rotten one began to rise and there’s everything to accommodate everyone who wants to experiemnt this with us. Medical areas, kitchens, kids space, Cultural activities and many space to debate, practice and exchange. Our aim is to funcion horizontally, everything will be on donation.
It’s not a holiday camp ! We got the envie to talk politics, to build networks in order to support the alternative life we dream of, to destroy their world, their airports. But it does not mean that we will be unhappy to welcome everyone who’s into subversive Art, storytellers and poets, musicians and painters…

We expected many things, debates, workshops, it will probably not happen as we expect and preview and that’s good like that! There are still many open opportunities to come and animate a debate, workshop or a action training. We count on you to join us… and surprise!

Informations, the map to join us and further informations you find on: