Notre-Dame-des-Landes / Nantes (France): News from the No G camp

July 8th, 2011

A lot of energy right now !

If there are not much news from our side actually, it means that we are up to running after material instead of computers…

Things take shape, apart a mix of problems which always appear last minute, there are much more nice “last minute” surprises, the pleasure of being more and more numerous every day since our arrival here on La ZAD (“Lasad”) and the amazing shelter from our friends from the squat l’InterMinables and our neighbours on “Lasad”.

Final preparations are underway, the land will be invested this Saturday the 9 July, the more we will be the better it is !

If you come to Nantes, you find the convergence center “l’InterMinables” in Orvault, 117 route de Rennes (northern outskirts of Nantes) open for you until July 11th !

There you will also get the infos where you can join the preparations untill tomorrow evening, afterwards you will get there the info how to get to the village.

For the Action “Reclaim your Village”: we will occupy the land together on saturday July 9th !

There are two meeting points previewed :
you can come all day long to the Squat in “l’InterMinables”
and from 13h there will also be a meeting point at the festival “anti airport” on the parking and the Volxkitchen “des briques et des briques”, the collective kitchen of LaZad which is cooking for the festival.
Adresse: La Noé Verte, 44360 Vigneux-de-Bretagne

The sooner you arrive, the easier it will be for everyone (except the cops) !

The installation will start immediately as soon as we are on the land, the exact location of the village will announced on the net and the convergence center Saturday evening !
dissent_fr at riseup dot net