Amsterdam: Callout for squatting resistance

Published on Indymedia-Uk on september 14th, 2010


From 1st of October on squatting will be illegal in the Netherlands. These are our last days of ‘legal’ squatting and the first days of our new lives as criminals. Unlike claimed, the new law provides no solution for vacant houses but instead just gives more protection to house owners that love to speculate with their properties. In theory squatting, or simply being in a squatted house, can very soon lead to up to two years in prison.

It is time to revolt against the squatting ban and the State with its repressive politics against everything that is not mainstream and commercial. We will take to the streets – we will show them our anger and our strength. We need to make clear that this law will not scare us and stop us from squatting. With all our actions, with keeping up living the way we do let’s show that we are not afraid of their laws and their bans. This time they should really expect resistance. The time for action is now!

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Harare (Zimbabwe): Another violent police raid on a squatter community leaves 100 families homeless

August 30th, 2010

Another violent raid on a squatter community in Harare leaves 100 families homeless, the “Zimbabwe Standard” reports.

Police burned scores of shacks, and arrested 55 people, though a department spokesman later denied any knowledge of the raid.

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France targets Rom’ people

September 14th, 2010

In recent weeks, the government of Nicolas Sarkozy has evicted more than 1,000 Roma residents from their encampments in France and deported them to Bulgaria and Romania. Now, the European Union has called France’s recent crackdown on Gypsy communities “a disgrace”, The Guardian reports:

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Geneva (Switzerland): On september 18th, the Zoo invites the Medika Squat (based in Zagreb)

On 18th September 2010, the ZOO invites artists and performers from Medika Squat based in Zagreb, Croatia. This kind of exchange is the second one we do (previously we invited the Reitschule from Bern, Switzerland) and it’s a way to promote the different places of “subculture” in Europe, including squat culture.

* * *

As we witness our world, founded on principles of money, has faced a recession and the economy in our city is under collapse, the discourse of culture and its engines (Ministry of Culture and the likes) is being silenced by the logic of a capital driven culture industry and bureaucratic processes of cultural institutions.

Autonomous Cultural Center Medika (AKC Medika) was founded on the principle of open doors, where anybody can develop an artistic discourse, be it cultural, educational, or of any other humanitarian nature, in the hope that our providing of space for such activities will be used accordingly. We offer space without any unified context in order to continually develop diversity among programs and projects that are held in the space. Therefore, if the outcome is entertaining, educational, inspirational, or informative we will have reached our goal.

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