Oldenburg (Germany): Notes on the june 26th trailerpark-demonstration

On saturday 26th june 2010, 200 people and 16 trucks, mobile homes and trailers demonstrated against the possible eviction of the trailerpark in Oldenburg.

The trailerpark has been at the premises of the former slaughterhouse „am Stau“ for 16 years now.
Since 2005, the city of Oldenburg plans to build a megalomaniac project at the site, the so called „Wasserstadt“ (Watercity).
A whole new quarter should arise on 10 hectares, with cold architecture, as investors like it and the promise of high income return. A marina and a maritime „competence-center“ should form the character of the new quarter, a four star hotel should bring guests. The vision is a „modern, urban quarter“ with beautiful villas and private jetties on little town canals, surrounded by 10.000 squaremeters of office space and a whole row of luxury restaurants. As the mayor of Oldenburg, Gerd Schwandner, states it, the target group for the whole project is the „big, future elite of Oldenburg“.

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Monars (Catalunya): Rural squatt meeting from july 1st to 4th of 2010

Hi family!

A small mass mail to tell you about the next Meeting of Rural Squatting, in Monars, a squatted village (La garrotxa, Catalonian Pyrenees, Northern Spain) from 1st to 4th of July, 2010.

Each year this meeting is made in different villages in order to talk, exchange information about access to land through squatting, relationships in community, self organization, self sufficiency, health, “education”…

Hope to meet you there.

Love & Freedom.

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Hamburg / St-Pauli: the former erotic art museum has been squatted… and evicted a few hours later

Original info in german:

Take that – this our city, too
29 May 2010

This space is squatted. It is squatted by us, who are excluded from the “growing city” Hamburg (special term for the new oficial development plans of the city of hamburg / BNQ). Squatted by those, who live here and who will not keep quiet.
We are here today, at this place, because the development around the so called “Bernhard-Nocht-Quartier” is an example for a city policy, which furthers the eviction of people who live here.
In this quarter of the city, where affordable housing is scarce, there is a huge area with nearly empty houses. A little bit of social housing will be allowed to remain but the rest will be transformed into over-expensive rental flats and exclusive freehold flats which only an exclusive top-end part of society can afford. We want to stand up against this spiral of exclusion.

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