Dijon (France): Land occupation

Dijon, March 28th 2010: Fast occupation of abandoned land

A meeting was given on Wilson square, calling to bring gardening tools, but no more details were known. From here, people walked to the occupation place: abandoned land on the side of a main road and some empty houses. City-dweller with their spades, budding gardeners or local truckers in struggle joigned that action.

Ten years ago, a couple of truckers have been evicted from these parcels due to town-planning pressure. Now they are occupied. In several hours, the area has been cleared of brushwood, and ready to be planted.

Police, standing and denouncing, didn‘t try to stop them. Some neighbours passed by with enthusiasm and promessed to come back and help the project, concretising the will of a collective local plantation.

Assemblies and common hours of gardening are planned for the first weeks.

„Access to the lands and food autonomy
To clear together the way of a local, direct, biological agriculture and to liberate ourselves collectively from the productivist and industrial model
To break the bolt of the access to the land in rural or peripheral zones.
Free the lands!“

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Contact: tierraylibertad AT potager.org

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