Paris: Squat in Odéon

26 March 2010

From their leaflet :

People pass by, but there’s nobody. At the windows, cameras substituted underwears. It’s impossible to chat in the streets. One gets drunk to forget the bosse’s scurvy tie and the terror of the organiszed reality. And then, on Saturday night, one even goes out to the club. Some people disappear, no one hears about them anymore.

Let’s organize ourselves against the grey sky!
It will be grey as long as we don‘t recreate it…

„One“ opened this big empty flat since years: you could have done it! „One“ occupies this place since December, „one“ doesn‘t own it.

The door will stay opened each Tuesday and Friday, between 4 and 8pm, to read or drink a coffee.

But don‘t come if you denounce your colleague to get ahead or if you applaud when a sans-papiers is arrested by the RATP security [metro pigs] !

You can come to stay with whoever you want and meet people… After your job, your shopping, your appendicitis operation or a chase on mini-motorcycle with civils…

Come to drink or eat something, a strawberry milk, slice of bread with guacamole and blueberry jam (we‘ll make it together).

Let’s talk about serious things: the weight a fascist panda can reach making press-ups twice a week, but also autonomy, forms-of-lives, free love or your radical subjectivity…

You can bring music to fly, a plane-tree from the Saint-Michel Boulevard which will decorate the living-room, public banns…You can even bring your mom.

In fact, this space is ours, is yours, within the limit our neighbours can stand…
So come by…

Of course, „One“ has accommodation problems, but we especially have problems with this world…

Blog Odéon:

Occupied flat, 10bis Odéon street (second floor), Paris.

Library and coffee:
Tuesday, Friday 4-8pm
Movies all the week.