Athens (Greece): From Lelas Karagianni 37 squat, solidarity with Rozbrat squat in Poznan, Poland


Rozbrat squat, active for 16 years now in the city of Poznan, the longest occupied space in Poland, houses social, political and cultural activities that oppose the world of Authority and profit, of social and class divisions. Today it is one more of the self-organized spaces of resistance which are facing repressive plans. Some of the projects being housed in the squat -connecting it with struggles against globalization, class exploitation, State repression, persecution and imprisonment of strugglers, pillage of nature, racism, war etc.- are the Anarchist Federation and the Anarchist Black Cross of Poznan, the Workers’ Initiative, the Anarchist Library and Trojka publishing house.

On March 26, 2010 an auction has been scheduled for the purchase of the premises where the largest part of the squat is situated so that the debts of the previous owning company can be paid out. It is a process which started in January 2008, when the squat was “visited” by a bailiff with the assistance of the police in order to estimate the value of the ground.

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Chicago (USA): The Lowercase squat is facing eviction!

We are facing eviction!

March 18, 2010

The Lowercase Collective has existed for over three years now. It has been a public squat for two years, and opened its doors to countless people, projects, and events. One would be hard pressed to find an anarchist who has travelled through Chicago without ever spending time in this space. When a place becomes so integral to the collective ethos of a community, as Lowercase has in Chicago, its destruction can be simply debilitating.

On December 18th, we received an eviction notice for our landlord, who is in all likelihood a fictitious entity. Shortly thereafter, we proved to the state that we ourselves have been responsible for paying the bills for the past years, making repairs, etc. Unfortunately, our attempts were only able to buy us a few more weeks, as the eviction notice for all occupants came like a cold wind. Despite the machinations of the Federal National Mortgage Association, or any other partial owners, we have no intention of leaving this space without a fight.

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Poznan (Poland): 37 anarchists detained after clashes with cops

„City is not a company!” – 37 anarchists detained in Poznan after clashes with cops

On Monday, 8th March 2010, about 50 people from Rozbrat squat Collective made a demonstration in front of the gate of Poznan International Fair Center, where a congress of local councils from all over Poland was taking place. Shouting slogans “City is not a company. Rozbrat stays!”, the anarchists blockaded the gate. Many cars with the officials were forced to turn back.

After a while, the protesters decided to walk inside the premises of the Fair, they were not stopped by anyone. Then, they tried to go inside the building where the congress was taking place. They were attacked by the police. Some of the anarchists were heavily beaten up, 37 were detained and driven to three different police stations. Most of them are already released with minor charges. From the information we were able to gather, 3 people will be charged with an attack on a functionary, those three are still in jail.
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Chiapas: Land evictions in the Lacandon Forest…

March 10th, 2010

Indigenous communities in the Lacandon Forest in Chiapas are being violently evicted by federal police and army forces, in support of corporate plans for oil palm expansion and other activities, including tourism falsely called eco-tourism.

On 21st and 22nd January this year, indigenous communities living in two villages in the Biospherre Reserve in the Montes Azules region were violently evicted and had their homes, all their belongings, crops and trees destroyed. Please write to the authorities in Mexico and in Chiapas state to support local communities ’and organisations’ calls for an immediate end to the evictions, for return of the comunities to their land, restitution for the damage which has been caused, the prosecution of those responsible and for an end of oil palm monocultures in the area: