Brussels: Gathering against repression in Calais, sept. 25th 2009

25/09: Assembly against repression in Calais

Solidarity with the migrants in Calais and Belgium. Gathering against the repression of migrants in Calais, this Friday September 25th 5 pm at French embassy in Brussels. Address : boulevard du Régent 42, 1000 Brussels.

The “dismantlement” of “the jungle” has started this tuesday (September 22nd). Police and military have evacuated several hundred persons and destroyed the homes of hundreds of migrants (not withstanding the resistance of many activists).

Following the appeal made by activists in Calais, we call for all people who want to denounce the migration policy of France and Europe and who want to express their solidarity with the people who fight for freedom of movement to gather before the French embassy in Belgium

The French government claims to have applied a final solution to the problem of migrants in Calais. We appeal for people who are touched by the dramatic living conditions of migrants in Calais to oppose this “solution”, that, according to the French minister of immigration and French identity Éric Besson consists of eradication “the jungle” by force this week. We are are appalled by this act of aggression, worthy of a real Vichy government, against migrant who already suffered much during their trip to arrive in Calais.

What is happening today is a real cleansing of migrants under the cover of a humanitarian operation. Besson pretends to have found a final “dignified” solution but this is clearly not the case.

The real problems are those that force migrants to leave their country: and those will not be solved as long as government, and in particular the British, American and French government, do not change their economical, ecological and foreign policy toward “developping” countries.

Besson has declared in May that he wanted to clear Calais of migrants, since then squats and camps have several times been destroyed in the region, and today the great symbol of the jungle itself in Calais.

We do not consider migrants as a problem and our solidarity is the only response in face of their unhappy fates.

Freedom of movement!!
Nobody is illegal!!
No to repression!!

PS: More important than going to the embassy to express our solidarity is going to Calais to help out the activists there and migrants. Militants in Calais make an appeal to come to Calais to keep an eye on the police, and to help migrants.

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