Berlin: 06.06. – 21.06. 2009 — Wir bleiben alle!

This year there will be the „We all stay! Action Weeks” again. Since the decentralized DIY concept of protest was so successfull last year we will continue to rely on it this year. An preparation group will provide an infrastructure with sleeping places, info points, website, radio, ticker etc. The rest of the program is in your hands. Think about how to organize your protest against the dominating city planning. Be creative and visible for the general public or organize yourself silently.

We want to give people an opportunity to make their frustration and rejection about announced evictions of autonomous spaces, rising rents, ever growing surveillance, about control of public spaces and of course about profit-oriented and therefore exclusionary politics from the Berlin government. But its not all about Berlin. We want to offer a stage to all emancipatory projects, collectives and campaigns that wish to inform people about themselves, about their struggle, their problems and their success. Here again: DIY! Hold workshops, start direct action!

The highlight will be the announced mass occupation of the former airport Tempelhof. This area is a prime example of how the Berlin government only deals with monetary interests. Fashion Shows and the German Army can use the area while noncommercial culture is excluded by a security fence and pivate security. All this fills us up with rage! This is our city! We have a right to democratically decide how our enviroment – our city – develops and how it is used. Let’s show the authoritarian policy makers what we think of their decisions!

For all projects and autonomous spaces that are in danger of being evicted! Against high and rising rents! Against public surveillance and repression! Against Gentrification! For our right to the city!

We all stay! (Wir bleiben Alle!)