Tel Aviv: A call for solidarity from BxA squat

Background: Tel Aviv’s BxA squat was opened in the winter of 2005. For 3 years a group of activists renovated the building, worked on its crappy plumbing and electricity, built 2 kitchens (so that the vegans wouldn’t kill the non-vegans) and did loads of cool stuff with the neighborhood and independently, such as shows, exhibitions, vegan lunches, workshops, movie screenings, activities for the neighborhoods kids etc. All the activities were free, of course. a collective was established, and had tried to amplify the idea of free housing as a natural right here in Israel. the squat was evacuated in the 21/11/07 The Israeli law: The Israeli law says that the police cannot evict a house that has been squatted for 30 days or more without a court order. How come we hadn’t been evicted for 3 years? the building specifically was a Mikve, a Jewish purification bath house that was owned by a religious orthodocs group. There were some illegal eviction attempts, but all of them failed. [Read More]

Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset courtcase

On Monday 22 December 2008 5 womyn and 10 men, who were present in the house at the eviction of the Ungdomshuset, got sentenced to imprisonment. 11 people sentenced to 1 year and three months, 3 people to one year and one (aged under 16) to nine months!

The court case started on 22 August 2008 and it concerned about the objects found in the house, things that were judged as weapons prepared to be used against police. However, those “weapons” were never used.