Barcelona: Solidarity action for Ungdomshuset at the Danish consulate

Account summary of Ungdomshuset support initiatives in Barcelona: infonight & prisoner solidarity on January 11th, action at the Danish consulate on January 12th, 2007.

On January 12th 2007, a group of autonomous Ungdomshuset supporters came together and briefly occupied the danish consulate. Five people entered the building and got the message forwarded to the embassy in Madrid, leaving a solidarity statement addressed to danish authorities. Pictures of the Danish queen and her husband were gifted new faces, and now boldly bear the Ungdomshuset skull!

Meanwhile, a group of some 30 people manifested outside carrying a banner, chanting slogans (“Dinamarca, escucha, ¡Ungeren se queda!” which translates to “Listen, Denmark, Ungeren stays!”), and distributing flyers to passers-by, linking the Ungdomshuset struggle with the broader squat and autonomous movement in Barcelona and the rest of Europe.

Soon police arrived with 3 vans of riot-cops, a car, followed by a plainclothes agent. Some agents came to the group to demand a representative to identify, but were told, as usual, that there was none. As all flyers had been distributed, people split into small groups and left, without the police being able to identify anyone.



Flyer of the action in spanish:
Flyer of the action in english:
Statement from the action:


The previous day, an infokafeta about Ungdomshuset was organized in a local squatted social centre. Attendants were first told a brief history of the Danish squatting movement, illustrated by excerpts from the “9 days behind the barricades” documentary. A presentation of Ungdomshuset and its importance followed, accompanyed by photos. Then, some people shared direct accounts of the solidarity week last December, and some video footage of the events were shown.
9 days behind the barricades (german translation)

A callout was made for more people to go there and help. Last but not least, a letter-writing workshop for the prisoners was held, and the night ended with people drawing support pictures, writing solidarity messages, and eating humous. Flyer and invitation (in spanish) for the infonight can be found here: