Copenhagen: Hackers support Ungdomshuset

January 02, 2007

Hackers have been aiding danish struggles for about a month now

This fall a political struggle have gotten a lot of attention in Denmark and worldwide. The reason is the popularity of the squatted and occupied youth center Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. This place have for 24 years served as a free cultural and social place arranging support gigs, community kitchens, kids parties, theatres, art shows and thousands of punk concerts. In the year 1999 the city council decided to sell the place to right wing fundamentalist cult called Faderhuset wich is leading crusades against abortion, homoseksuals and muslims. They want to tear down the house in order to sell the grounds and make more money.

Theres been a lot of hassle about the legality of the sale and so on in various courts in denmark postponing the eviction of the house untill now. As of the first of january the police can come and evict the house at any time the see fit. The acitivist and the thousands of young pople using the house have said they’ll defend the house by any means nescesarry and they are not alone.

In Denmark, there are very few places to go party and hang out for young people unless you’re willing to pay lots of money. The government have started a cultural campaign eliminating all alternative scenes and normalising every experimental artist, musical or cultural space in Denmark. Ungdomshuset is one of the last remaining free places hiring small bands and hosting community projects.


Thousands of supporters have been on the streets protesting the sale of the house and the policies of the politicians and the cristian fundamentalists. 16th of december a police attack on a demonstration lead to huge riots in Copenhagen.



However the activists were not alone. During the riots a few neonazis followed and took pictures of the rioters with digital cameras. They later uploaded the pictures of the rioters on their webpage encouraging people to find the rioters and help the police identify them. However as the site was attacked and taken down in the following hours so the pictures didn’t get far. The sites have been taken down with a so called DoS (denial of Service) attack. This means that they generate too much traffic on the site so it has to shut down.


And thats not the only site thats been taken down. The house of the far-right church who bought the house have been down since the beginning of december along with another racist site who are hosting a forum where nazis encourage each other to attack emmigrants, alternative kids and left wingers. Danskfront and another site called have publish pictures and names of activists arround ungdomshuset and have written lies and slander about them.


The hacktivists DoS attacks have taken the struggle for freedom in denmark into the computers. Almost all major far-right webpages have been down for about a month now. have to find new hosting due to the attacks. Its uncertain if the cristian fundamentalists will ever be able to put their page back online due to their lack of skills. There been no word as to the status of so they can only be suspected to stay down for a longer period as well.


The attacks have been one of the most succesfull political hacktivism in denmark the recent years. The only other group being close is Blind Injection Beate who took defaced the site of Conservative Youth for a couple of weeks in 2005 and some unknown hacktivists who defaced some political parties up to the last elections.


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