Council eviction threat The Flying Dog Utrecht [Nl]

Nederlandse versie

Unfortunately we have very very bad news…. the city council decided to force UPC (the owner) to get us out. They do this because they believe we are involved with criminal activities and other reasons like the wagens. Also they claim that this building was build for a company and therefore not suitable to live in…

UPC has to get rid of us before the 1st of december otherwise they will get fined for 15 000 euro’s. We are stunned with this decision because UPC told the council that they didn`t have so much problems with us being there. Nevertheless the council has decided. We choose to fight them in any legal way.

Therefor we are organising an evening with our laywer to gather as much objections possible to keep vlampijpstraat squated. This means we are inviting everyone that has any involvement with our squat ( neightbours, skaters, artists etc… ) We hope we can gather as much as possible support. We believe that we give Utrecht so much on a cultural level and that we are so important for many people but now they threaten to close us down.

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Warsaw, Poland: Grrl punk festival in Fabryka squat

Grrl punk festival at “Fabryka” squat

12-13 december

entrance: very cheap :)))

(first plans:)

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St-Petersburg: Eviction of the Pekarnja squat

Eviction of the squat in St. Petersburg

On Friday, the 7th, November 2003, the squatted house in Petersburg was evicted. Early in the evening two policemen – a man and a woman came up to the house. As we didn’t open the door on repeatedly request, one of the policemen began smashing the windows with stones. Then we opened the door. Although we were prepared to the eviction (we carried all worthy and not immediately necessary things away already two days ago), the time of the eviction was very bad for us. Out of twelve people who were in the house to the time of the eviction, seven were foreigners. There was a finnish women’s band, which arrived one day ago and two of the squatters who lived in the house since the very beginning of the squat. Because of this, we decided not to take up a confrontation with the policemen, but to leave the house voluntarily.

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Ontario: OCAP takes ‘Gatekeeper’ Squat, MP vows conversion to social housing

** check end of report for details of election night action **

More information and Photos:

OCAP takes ‘Gatekeeper’ Squat, MP vows conversion to social housing

On Saturday, November 8th in the heart of downtown Toronto’s east end, All Saint’s Church was packed with people who came to eat a hot meal and to rally for a demonstration called by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. We had put out a call to take over an abandoned building in a community well aquainted with living in poverty. Over 500 people then took to the streets in a spirited march that made its way through a neighbourhood dense with homeless shelters, low income housing, and parks where people live and die with the reality of how serious the housing crisis in this city really is.

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Ontario: report on OCAP Squat Victory from Arrested Trade Unionist

Note: The one other arrested person is a member of the Steelworkers. In total four people, all trade union members, were arrested yesterday.

Report on OCAP Squat Victory

40 members of CUPE 3903 were among the 500 people who participated in the victorious march and occupation of an abandoned building at 558 Gerrard St. E., securing its conversion into social housing. The action was a victory on two counts: in addition to transforming an empty building into social housing, demonstrators forced the state to respond politically by negotiating with the demonstrators instead of unleashing its uniformed goons. Unequal and inhumane distribution of housing is a political issue that politicians should address through negotiation and dialogue rather than through police violence on unarmed civilians, and this victory should be recognized as a breakthrough in that regard.

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Ontario: “GateKeeper” squat action media articles

Corporate media:

OCAP Thunders Into Mayoral Campaign With March (City TV) * Video footage too*

Mills puts career on line (Toronto Sun)

MP’s vow ends protest (Toronto Star)

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The Netherlands: open squats

In 18 cities and villages Dutch squatters had an ‘open day’ in more than 50 squats to show their neighbours, media and other interested people what squatting is and how squatters live.

The open day is a reaction to the proposal to make squatting of commercial buildings illegal (see-> Since this proposal squatters and squat actions draw a lot of attention. Squatters in the netherlands continue their daily squat actions.
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London: The Butt Plug Bar want YOU!

The Butt Plug Bar

Fridays:14 Nov; 12 Dec; 23 Jan.

56 Dalston Lane, Hackney.

8pm till late. FREE entry.

DIY entertainment for the international queer jet set.

This autumn and winter, the Butt Plug Bar will take residency in the glamorous London borough of Hackney. In the luxurious surroundings of The Chinaman Squat, Dalston Lane, the queer glitterati will enjoy cocktails and sophisticated queer entertainment designed to cheer us all up during the cold months and raise funds for radical queer projects around the world. We suggest you mark the three events in your social calendar, for they are not to be missed. The first, on Friday, the 14th of November, will feature experimental film and djs spinning house and D&B till the small hours. The second date, on December the 12th will boast punk-chic and a pornographic dirty-sex theme, and we will end the season in style with the final event, playing electro with the theme being camp and glamour.

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Grenoble: A new squat has opened!

A new squatted villa has opened at the end of october 2003. The address is Golgoth-A-XXX, 14 rue Paul Doumer, 38100 Grenoble, fr. Contact golgoth-a-xxx [at] squat [dot] net. It is a drug free squat, with party projects without alcohol nor cigarettes.