Council eviction threat The Flying Dog Utrecht [Nl]

Nederlandse versie

Unfortunately we have very very bad news…. the city council decided to force UPC (the owner) to get us out. They do this because they believe we are involved with criminal activities and other reasons like the wagens. Also they claim that this building was build for a company and therefore not suitable to live in…

UPC has to get rid of us before the 1st of december otherwise they will get fined for 15 000 euro’s. We are stunned with this decision because UPC told the council that they didn`t have so much problems with us being there. Nevertheless the council has decided. We choose to fight them in any legal way.

Therefor we are organising an evening with our laywer to gather as much objections possible to keep vlampijpstraat squated. This means we are inviting everyone that has any involvement with our squat ( neightbours, skaters, artists etc… ) We hope we can gather as much as possible support. We believe that we give Utrecht so much on a cultural level and that we are so important for many people but now they threaten to close us down.

We are not involved in any criminal activity or would you say that housing a skatepark, artists, bands, 17 habitants is a criminal offense. They only reason we are here is because of a lack of facilities in Utrecht. Not enough houses, not enough artistic spaces, not ONE indoor skatepark not to mention the price of it IF it was available. You can easily proof this by just looking at our monthly visits of about 700 kids!

If you have any questions, ideas whatsoever please get in contact yours sincerly the squatters of vlampijpstraat 125 kraakgroepvlampijpstraat [at] yahoo [dot] com