squat pekarnia update 301003

Squat Pekarnia – alert of eviction!

28. of October 2003 police officers of Kirovskiy district raided the squat Pekarnia. The reason for cops to check the house was, that a day before one of the homeless people, who live at 2nd floor (the squat Pekarnia is located at the 3rd floor), fall out from the window and was taken to hospital because of severe head injury.

One day after the accident, when the cops came to the house, there where 2 people inside in Pekarnia. One of them was taken to police station as a captive, the other one was asked to find the people, who live permanently at the squat. Cops take sound system from Pekarnia to secure that the squatters show up at the police station until the evening.

In the evening some squatters went to the police station to free the squatter, who was catched, and also to get back the sound system. The squatters where first accused in “creating criminal surroundings”, and soon demanded to leave the house, because “the house is empty, and nobody should live there”. Cops gave the squatters one week (until 4th of November) to move away from the house or to show official documents from KUGI (City Comittee for Dealing with the State Property). About the right to use the house.

Discussions or some demands to KUGI would be hopeless, as far as the house is officially “in dangerous condition and don’t fit in to the sanitary norms”. Squatters decided, that, as former, they have no reason to move away from this house, which used to be empty. Now the house have normal conditions for living, meetings and for contra-cultcural and other events. As well the squatters decided not to give any black money to the cops, just for the fact, that the house is located at the territory, which is controlled by them.

The future of Pekarnia is now dependent, for the first, from the activity of the squatters and other anarchist and antiauthoritarian activists, but also from the next steps made by the authorities against Pekarnia.

Soon there will appear some pictures from the squat at www.pectopah.tk

Petersburg, 30.10.2003