House occupied in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Squat Pekarnja – House occupied in St. Petersburg, Russia! One floor of a three floors house at industrial region of St. Petersburg is occupied by anarchist and punk/HC scene activists. This floor was occupied already in the beginning of June by Petersburg anarcho-punk group Punk Revival and PLA, and from the beginning of October other anarchist and anti-authoritian activists join them and the squat project. Last week at the squat there were maid electricity and DIY heating systems, which is very important, as far as central heating and gas systems doesn’t work in that house.

The occipied house is called Pekarnja (Bakery), because there used to be bakery in that house. Now there is 4 people more or less permanently living at Pekarnja. Also it’s a free space for other anti-authoritarian people and groups to meet and hang around.

The second floor of the house is occupied by homeless people, with whom squatters have common key for the entrance door. This far the authorities didn’t show any interests towards the house or the people living there. If the house will not be attacked at the near future, we plan to have there an acoustic concert and opening party there.

Contact for example through: tuuli [at] mail [dot] ru.