Barcelona : Fortnight of Fight against the evictions and in defense of free spaces.

Fortnight of Fight against the evictions and in defense of free spaces.

From the Squatters Assembly of Barcelona we have organized this Fortnight of Fight in the street denunciating all that we have been doing in our daily one from squats, community and diverse collective centers. We have a new big wave of evictions of squats and community centers foreseen for next autumn. So we have the need to organize some days of fight that serve to assemble the maximum number of people around the reality of these squats and to take part, hereby, in the denunciation against the speculation and against the evictions of the free spaces. The spaces like Les Naus, Ateneo de Korneyà, la Kasa de la Muntanya, el Ateneo de Viladecans and La Rovira are under serious threat of eviction.

The journeys are already organized, and they will take place from September 26 to October 10. We attach the programming and the calendar of activities, from wich we want to make attention to the International Demonstration summoned for October 4 trough the streets of Barcelona.

This is basically a call to the mobilization of which we want to make you participate, especially to those of you that want to come to Barcelona and want to be present at the summons.

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Brussels : the 39 rue du Fort’ squat has been evicted

This morning, around 8:00 am, the “39rue du Fort” squat has been evicted, without any justice decision. The cops came in the morning while almost everybody was sleeping. No resistance could have happened.

Concerning the week of actions in Brussels, the meetings are going to happen in another place. Write to unesemaineabruxelles [at] linuxmail [dot] org to know more.

1 eviction = 153 000 new squats



Brussels : Great Squats opening week in october 2003

you, dreaming of freedom, dreaming of space,


let’s open the doors, let’s free the space…

from the 15th of oktober


according to the difficulty to keep a squat a few time, according to the senseless crisis that duplicated the prices of the rents in 5 years, according to the number of buildings at random, according to the fact that the popular Brussels it was, is now a city of business and tourism, according to the pressure of the police to face at the underground parties, we’ve kept the idea of our dutch colleagues who already practised week of opening in 4 cities with good results, thank to all the people who joined for the rejoicings…

(there is an anti squatt law which is proposed for the nexts few days, a law that says that you can make 6 months and get a statute of criminal for beeing squatting…)

SO, JOIN US!! results of the first meeting of july:

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Barcelona: Eviction order against Kasa de la Muntanya for the comíng 2nd of october.

Thursday, July the 17th 2003


Last Friday July the 11th the Ministry of Treasury requested to the 1st Instance Tribunal (section 4) the execution of the sentence of eviction ruled against Kasa de la Muntanya by judge Estrela Radio Barciela. This way culminates the civil process started six years ago by the Ministry of Treasury

The building (classified as historical patrimony) known as Kasa de la Muntanya for 14 years, was built by the Güell family in 1909. Due to the request of the neighbours for more protection for the neighbourhood of “La Salut”, the building was destined to be barracks of the Guardia Civil (police). Eusebi Güell, by means of a public bequest scripture, gave this building in use under the following conditions: the surrender of property of this house is gratuitous, but with the condition that the building is destined to be used as barraks of the Guardia Civil, and in the case that the Guardia Civil stops using the building for the expressed destiny, the property will revert to the original owner or his heirs.

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