Brussels : Great Squats opening week in october 2003

you, dreaming of freedom, dreaming of space,


let’s open the doors, let’s free the space…

from the 15th of oktober


according to the difficulty to keep a squat a few time, according to the senseless crisis that duplicated the prices of the rents in 5 years, according to the number of buildings at random, according to the fact that the popular Brussels it was, is now a city of business and tourism, according to the pressure of the police to face at the underground parties, we’ve kept the idea of our dutch colleagues who already practised week of opening in 4 cities with good results, thank to all the people who joined for the rejoicings…

(there is an anti squatt law which is proposed for the nexts few days, a law that says that you can make 6 months and get a statute of criminal for beeing squatting…)

SO, JOIN US!! results of the first meeting of july:

-we must keep looking for places and get informations (owner, water, electricity, gaz, swimming pool, jaccuzi,…)

– we keep the idea of managing a place for parties, concerts,… in common (to talk about like for the rest also)

-the opening of a place for the lorries and others and of many houses and studios as it is necessary

-there will be places around brussels to receive vehicles before the said week

the meetings occure each wednesday, but there will be a big one in september keep informing yourself, write us do the information move on!!


unesemaineabruxelles [at] linuxmail [dot] org