Sweden: Squat action in Malmö

On the 11th of June, a squat opened its doors as a social center in Malmö in southern Sweden. But after just 22 hours, the national anti-terrorist force evicted the squatters with drawned guns.

The squatters, who have given the house the Name “Melonia”, after a cartoon, came back the next day in a spontanious demonstration with about 90 persons. The police, who wasn’t aware of the demo, rushed to the house with dogs and riotgear to protect the empty house.

Some of the squatters then went to the owners office to have a picnic and to listen to loud disturbing music.

Further upcoming actions:

There will be a demonstration in support for the social center Melonia on the 6th of september at 16.00 gathering at mollevangstorget in malmo. Datum: 6 september.

Together, we will go to the empty house and have a barbeque outside and perhaps try to take the house back if it’s possible. Bring your own food and grills.

Melonia Vive! Todod somos Melonia!