In Copenhagen, the Blue House organize its one year birthday…

Friday 21st March at 21.00:Birthday show in Ungdomshuset (Jagtvej 69, 2200 CPH N.). Bands: BORA (Lit), PUGET SOUND (Eire) + Surprise and night disc. 30 Kr.

Saturday 22nd March at 16.00: Movie about the squatting movement + Bar (Alcohol free).

Sunday 23rd March from 11.00: Birthday Brunch.

Monday 24th March at 18.00: Debate on Anarchism

Wednesday 26th March at 17.00: DEMO for free housing, from Israels place (near Nørreport station). It all ends in the Blue House with soup kitchen and concert (NED, Fr.)

Thursday 27th March at 18.00: debate on strategies in the political struggle

During all the week: Cafe, art-exhibition and diverse activities

Free sleeping places in the Blue House. Contact: bluehousedk [at] wildmail [dot] com

“Blue house” <bluehousedk [at] wildmail [dot] com>