Geneva: News from Rhino

RHINO (Restons les Habitants des Immeubles que Nous Occupons – lets stay in the house we live in), an alternative and emblematic Genevan squat is threatened by eviction after 14 years of resistance against the Capital. In order to continue, the “contract of trust” with the Genevan authorities needs the support of public opinion.

What is the public opinion? It can be you, me, everybody who dares to think different, people who dare to take side roads instead of the highway of capitalist thinking. Action ! Come and convince yourself on our webside <>,send solidarity letters to rhino [at] freesurf [dot] ch, sign our petition on our website.

Thank you !


Sydney: Join the Midnight Star Social Centre!

Midnight Star Social Centre
55-57 Parramatta Rd
phone: 0415 882 901
dokta_x [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au

This is an urgent message to all: PLEASE come to the Midnight Star 55-57 Parramatta Rd Homebush. This Centre has been in occupation since early February and has been in constant use by the community for – free film nights, children’s theatre, meeting space, fundraisers, band nights, punk gigs, activist film screenings, library space and more!!!! There has now been an attempt to LOCK US OUT by the owner or police (not sure which). IT IS NOW IN OCCUPATION!!!!! This beautiful reclaimed community space must be saved for use by the community.

Some social centres in Europe have existed for 20 or more years and are a central organising point for free cultural and political activities. This is a pivotal point for the Star. If we can make it through the next short while, we may have a social centre for a very long time as the Council is obviously against this development. In a recent Land and Environment Court hearing, the Court decided against allowing development to proceed at the Midnight Star. Developers had applied to build 272 apartments including a 12 storey building! The Council spent $150,000 trying to stop this development. There are suspicions that the Midnight Star has come to owner or police attention due to the recent calls to use the Star as an organising point for May Day activities.


when you come to the midnight star, please bring;

1. food
2. torches
3. candles
4. other things such as sleeping gear, your mobile phone, useful tools, bottles of water (not needed at present but required in preparation)

To go in: use the doorbell on the left hand side wall along the external corridor, as you approach from parramatta rd.


Leeds, UK : A-Spire alive again !


  Leeds, UK : A-Spire alive again !


Aspire, Leeds’ occasioanl squat venue for gigs, cafe, parties, radical films, arty space and all manner of other cool things that the corporate world denies us is back for a fourth bout of smart stuff.

This coming Saturday, 20th April, it opens at noon with the cafe, creative art workshops and healing workshops. From 5pm there’s a bunch of radical films, from 10pm till who knows when it goes mental with a floor of psychedelic trrance, a flor of dub and a massive and beautiful chillout room.

On the Sunday, given that everyone will need something cosy after Saturday night, there’s a screening of Dougal & The Blue Cat, a feature-length film Magic Roundabout.

Then from 5pm there’s acoustic cabaret, which last time was frankly the best one of that sort of thing I’ve ever seen. This one features the return of Captin Hotknives and a rare live performance from Slumberwall. It’s also open mic, so feel free to get up and do your thang too.

Then from Wednesday there’s a more ongoing Aspire opening, with cafe, films, workshops, music, direct action, radical book/record fair, etc, etc.

Check out the website at click on ‘Aspire IV’.

Exact location will be on the site Friday, or if you fill in your email address in the little box at the site, you’ll get a message as soon as it’s released. It’s gonna be somewhere near Leeds centre.

see ya there, then?

live your love,



Kopenhagen squatters


  Kopenhagen squatters


Tuesday the 25th of march the squatters from “BZ`ningen” squatted the blue house on Åboulevarden 37. It´s now the 7th time we have been in the house and this time the squat has been there for 11 days. A couple of hours before we squatted some of the townhall. We cleaned the floor, made a soupkitchen and some other things before we where thrown out.

A couple of days before the 7th squatting played we a concert for the local politicians on the townhall while they where in a meeting, and nobody was arrested.

Kampen fortsaetter


news in Danish: – BZ´ningen


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