RADIO 100 Police Raid Attempted (Amsterdam)


  RADIO 100 Police Raid Attempted (Amsterdam)


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Wednesday 20th March 2002 between 14:00-15:00 CET Some ten police officials attempted to raid the building where the antenna of Radio 100 is located, allegedly to look for the studio and transmitter. The police team included a cop acting as (assistant) public prosecutor, some plain clothes officers and some in uniform.

Evidently there was a lot of confusion on the part of the police as they said that they did not have “the right paperwork”! A search warrant was not shown to anyone. Residents and workers from the building peacefully resisted the police and finally persuaded them to leave empty-handed after more than an hour. The (assistant) public prosecutor went on to fill in some paperwork in front of the door whilst Radio 100 sympathisers gathered around responding to the city-wide alarm. The police left and the alarm centre was informed.

Our very warmest thanks to all who came to our support and to residents and workers who stood in the way of the police. Several free radio colleagues as well as those active in other alternative media present quickly organised a special broadcast for Thursday, 21st March from 18:00 CET on the combined free radio stations of Amsterdam and the internet. The broadcast will deal with the need for free media in general and free radio in particular.

There are three free radio stations in Amsterdam: Radio Patapoe, Radio de Vrije Keyser, and Radio 100. These stations have traditionally filled needs for independent music, culture, and information. Free media in Amsterdam also include many zines, periodicals, writers, and video/film collectives. We invite all who work in or with free media and wish to speak out to take part in this special broadcast. Come to the studio, phone in, or chat via internet. Thursday 21st March from 18:00 CET On Radio 100; 99.3 FM – Amsterdam