South Africa: Victory for Campaign as Delft South evictions (ZA) and auctions stopped!

The Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign (AEC) is delighted to announce that all evictions and auctioning off of RDP houses in Delft South are to be stopped. This agreement was reached in a meeting between the Anti-Eviction Campaign yesterday with Cape Town UniCity Manager Robert Maydon and Interim Income and Debt Manager, George van Schalkwyk.

“George van Schalkwyk claimed that he did not fully understand the plight of the poverty stricken residents of Delft before the meeting, and that now he would ensure that the auctions which were to go ahead tomorrow and next month would be stopped,” said Anti-Eviction Campaign Co-ordinator Ishmael Petersen. The 47 auctions due to go ahead in March have also been stopped.

The AEC complained that final notices were being issued for amounts as low as R234.23 (Mrs Z V Nongawuza, 15 Henze St, Delft South). “This is unjust administrative action. By the admission of George van Schalkwyk, City Interim Debt Manager, there are businesses who owe over R100 000 who are not being disconnected,” said AEC negotiator Ishmael Petersen.

The AEC also complained that the Unicity was governing in a very chaotic manner. “For example, Mrs F.G. Genu of 21 Jacaranda Street has services arrears of R1746.87 yet the arrangement to pay off these arrears is R0.00. In other words Mrs Genu must pay the full amount. Miss Lufuta, her neighbour at 23 Jacaranda Street is allowed to pay off R130.54 per month on her total arrears of R879.98. Her neighbour at 25 Jacaranda Street has total arrears of R1254.77 and is being asked to pay off R564.93. This is almost half of the total amount, which is unrealistic. Note that all the letters say the arrangements (which are all different) are being made in terms of the recently adopted Indigent Policy. This is a policy of chaos and anti-equity,” said Peter.

[Source: Indymedia South Africa.]