Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset has been sold


  Ungdomshuset (Kopenhagen, DK) sold


A private owned company bought the Ungdomshuset from the council of Kopenhagen. The company Human A/S does not want to give specific information about the future plans.

The youth house was bought by the council in 1982 to give a place for young people. This was a reaction upon the actions of the local squatters movement. Now the council decided to sell the building.

Human A/S is owned by a group of unknown private people who say they want to prevent a violent end and give the users influence on the future of the building. The users say that Human A/S not only bought the house but will also get 500 autonomous stone casting violent psychopats in the same deal.

According to the Ungdomshuset the council has got a responsibility in this case. In this opininion the get support from the director of the KUC. The KUC has got responisibility for the ‘medborgerhuse’ included the undomshuset. He says that the council can’t just sell the stones and think that everything is all right. He stated that there are many good things happening at the ungdomshuset.

The mayor of culture has got a different opinion. According to him the new private owner will be able to cooperate better with the users than the council:’ Now the kids are not able to play with the fact that their owner is splitted and can’t talk with one voice.’ According to him the council was devided because the political left-wing always protected the Ungdomshuset.

According to the Ungdomshuset the negotiations with the users of the building were fake. The transaction was already planned. The plans are just a step in the gentrification of the neighbourhood which the ungdomshuset always fought against.’ Ungdomshuset: -private money in a political fight is not acceptable-

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