Squat attempt in Sweden

There was a unsuccessful squat attempt in the swedish town of Linköping. 23 youths now are in jail awaiting trial that could lead to four years imprisonment. 7 have been released pending charges as they are under the age of 18.

The squat occurred in the town of Linköping on the night between the 17th and 18th of March. On the evening of the 18th the special anti-terrorist unit of the national police force stormed the building. one occupant was injured and hospitalized. [Read More]

Milan: Presentation of Metropolix house

10 October 1998: in Minniti square, core of ‘the Island’ neighborhood, Metropolix was born. a squatted house and a real answer to housing problems of fifty students and student-workers. A new round in the path of gaining rights to house and self-organized social spaces within a city that seems to close itself into the perverted logics of its ‘masters’. One year after the squatting the project of Metropolix goes on and duplicates with the youth hostel. We offered a service that lacked in our city. More than two thousands people hung around there, they inter-crossed their experiences and knowledges giving life to an extraordinary social experiment and to a network of relations that has enriched both ourselves and the city of Milano as a whole. [Read More]