Social anger and protests lead to Copenhagen riots

The night between the 7th 8th November 1999 a lot of people got fed up with the racism of the Danish state.

At approximately 22.00 at the between the 7th and the 8th a group of second generation immigrants, punks and other people joined together at the old working-class neighbourhood of Nørrebro. As a reaction to the extradition of citizen of Turkish origin, whom have lived in Denmark all his life. The get-to-gether resulted in a riot which resulted in smashing windows of Banks, and other capitalist and multi- national corporations. After one and a half hour the police arrive at the scene, which put a lit on tempers for a while. After two hours, things exploded in virtual war in the streets of Nørrebro.

Finally the police reacted with heavy teargassing which resulted in people were forced to spread out over the neighbourhood.

The police arrested one man. They are holding him back for 11 days in isolation.