Les Tanneries in Dijon needs support

Maloka Anarcho Collective -URGENT- french squatted social center facing destruction -URGENT-

‘Les Tanneries’ -squat in Dijon, France- is facing eviction. We need your support !

Hi everyone ! Here’s a little text about ‘Les Tanneries’ which is a squattted building in Dijon, France where we -Maloka mostly and other collectives- organise gigs, conferences, theatre performances and various workshops. This place used to be a slaughterhouse and had been empty for 5 years. We’ve been using the space (actually not all the buildings but the offices, the housekeeper’s flat and a barrack) for almost 2 years and really been living here for 8 months. We’re a diy-anarchist collective of people running an infoshop and a non profit mailorder. We’re also putting out a newsletter every 2 months or so about different struggles worldwide (It’ll be in English some day hopefully…) and we’re into several activities such as demonstrations and what’s mentioned above. [Read More]

Sussex University Occupation!

We are now into our seventh day of occupation! But we expect the bailiffs tomorrow…

The administration has tried to evict us twice already but with 200 students inside and 3-400 people outside it made them think again!

Please access the above website and send it on to all.

The administrative building of Sussex University is currently under occupation by a group of peaceful students protesting against the expulsion of 89 students who have not paid their tuition fees. [Read More]