Arnhem (NL): Burglary to support the squatted Hotel Bosch

At the end of april some supporters of the famous squat in Arnhem, Hotel Bosch, went in the office of real estate speculator Marc Leutscher. Leutscher tries to sell the building which is squatted a very long time now. Via the burglary big parts of the administration bacame public. Parts of it you can find on In this information people found the buildingcompany which wants to buy the place. First, Leutscher will try to get it evicted, then the company can demolish it and buy it afterwards. [Read More]

Copenhagen: Pictures from the Ungdomshuset Demo, 20 May 1999

Picture: Ungdomshuset Demonstration, 20.05.99
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Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset is fighting for survival

On the sixth of May 1999 the City Counsel voted to close the Youth House, an autonomous youth centre i Copenhagen (Denmark. The house is historic and was build by the workers movement over 100 years ago. In 1982 it was given to the squatters movement by the mayor (he later stated that it was biggest mistake in his career), and since then it has been working as a social centre, with concerts, rehearsal space for bands, performance art, peoples kitchen, cafe, infoshop and a lot of other things. [Read More]

Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset threatened by eviction

We call up for a demonstration thursday the 20th of May 1999, 17 o´clock from Ungdomshuset tagtvet 69 Copenhagen, Denmark.

To The cityhall of Neoliberalistic Politics. Fell free to wear mask and join the black block.

  Bring the noise!!!!!

We do not want a violent demo but if we`re attacked we´ll defend the right to demonstrate and the right to live in our house!

There will be places to sleep for people from outside. [Read More]