Sydney: Squatters threatened with eviction

Yesterday (26 sept. 2000), squatters and their supporters joined with workers and members of the CFMEU Construction and Energy Union to successfully picket outside the squats – preventing Council tradespeople from smashing in and boarding the places up.

South Sydney Council – which owns the four squatted buildings – took the squatters to court, claiming that the squats wre ‘life threatening fire hazards’ and the squatters were to leave immediately.

The Council won in court on two of the buildings, and the squatters were to leave by 12 noon Monday 25/9/00. However, Council were confronted by a large group of supporters and were forced to leave for the day. [Read More]

Sydney squatters remain defiant

Four Sydney squats faced with evcition on the eve of the Olympics are remaining defiant and resisting South Sydney Council’s plans to kick them out.

At a special council meeting last thursday, councillors voted 8 to 1 to start legal proceedings immediately to evict us. The next day we were served with notices to leave and threatened with fines of up to $1.1 million if we did not go.

Instead of using the criminal tresspass laws to evict, the council are using “fire safety” regulations to say that we are in a “life threatening” situation and a “danger to the neighbourhood”. [Read More]

Sydney: Broadway evictions halted by residents

Monday aug. 28th 2000 – this afternoon residents who squatted empty south sydney council buildings in broadway successfully defended their homes against the Council’s plan to evict them. Council had given the residents until 9am this morning to vacate the buildings. But the residents went into action building lots of support and getting mass media attention which has effectively forced the council to back down for now… maybe council will honour its commitment to assist homeless in south sydney area during the olympics year (we’re holdin our breath).

And big congrats to the broadway squatters!

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Four Sydney squats are faced with eviction on Monday morning


Around thirty squatters refused council orders to leave by last Thursday, despite a heavy police presence and the threat of criminal trespass charges. The buildings – which have been occupied since February – are owned by South Sydney Council. The Council have signed a deal with a multinational construction corporation to demolish the buildings and build 130 exclusive apartments.

The squatters remain defiant. They will not be leaving until the buildings are demolished.


Sydney: The Biscuit has been evicted

On monday morning around 10:30 AM a longstanding Sydney squat was raided and the squatters were forced to leave. The building – a huge heritage-listed old factory warehouse – was owned by the Shell corporation and been empty for nearly four years before the squatters moved in last February.

Shell had workers force their way in through the back of the building, opening the Biscuit up for shell representatives, solicitors, private security guards and state police to seize control. Only a handful of squatters were present at the time and those who were there agreed to leave by 3pm the following afternoon rather than face criminal tresspass charges. [Read More]