Amsterdam: Wijde Heisteeg 7 call out

On the 9th January 2016 a squatting action took place in the center of Amsterdam. WH7 Wijde Heisteeg 7, a 6 story building in a pretty bad shape. This action was done for two reasons, the presentation of the squatting manual and as a living/social space.
The building was chosen for being a famous example of emptiness for speculation. It is owned by P. W. Hagedoorn, A well know speculator from the city who was also involved with the Spinhuis eviction.
The house was previously squatted in 2007 till 2011. Then was evicted to remain empty for five more years till it was squatted again.
The project hosted numerous people as well a social space with a free shop and different activities. It also worked together with the neighbours and Vereniging Vrienden van de Amsterdamse Binnenstad to fight against the owner and his new project. He wanted to make a renovation that was met with opposition of both groups for different reasons.
After almost one year of good times and struggle the court of Amsterdam decided to take the inhabitants to court. As expected this court was just a show where the inhabitants could not win, but pretended to be fair. Less than 16h after the verdict was given in the morning of 23 December the police show up at the house at 7 am and started the eviction. 4 people a dog and a cat where arrested inside the house. They spend some hours/days in a cel complex to be released waiting for a court date.
In November 2017 two of the people arrested got a fine of 500€ and were requested to give their DNA samples. For the other two people the court has ordered prison sentences, one of four and one of six weeks and DNA samples from each.
The son of the owner filed a claim for € 106.110,60 in damages and compensation for lost rent and VAT. the court declared this request inadmissible.
The 2 persons with prison sentence decided to make an appeal to the court decision.
The higher court took place on the 24th June 2021. The judge decided to reduce the sentence. The person with 4 weeks got 1 week on probation. The person with 6 weeks got 3 weeks on probation. For both the probation time was 2 years.
But the judge also decided that the person with 6 weeks should pay a fine of 15500€
3000€ the cost of the lawyer of the owner.
3000€ the cost of the cleaning of the house.
8000€ compensation for one month of “missed rent” for the owner. 1500€ wettelijke rente.
The person took de decision to go to last appeal (cassatie) with the Supreme Court, but the court decided that were no grounds to be accepted.
Our friend has to pay the 15,500€ before 16th August 2022 or face a prison sentence of 105 days. (315 days and still has to pay)


Update: There will be benefit parties, where you can join raffles, buy t-shirts, patches, bags, home-made kombuchas, delicious cocktails. Check your local squat/network/radar (

Together with the people supporting the Squatters Legal Defence Fund, an amount of more or less 9000 euro has already been collected with benefit parties and dinners! Still 7000 to go though.. so keep your eyes and ears open!

There is currently a payment plan to pay of the fine, so the immediate threat of jail time is gone for now.

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