Thessaloniki: The eviction of the Biologica steki won’t go unanswered

Open Assembly in solidarity with the Biologica steki, friday 31 december at 3:00 p.m. at the first student restaurant.

Today 31 december, on new year’s eve, the state and the cops evicted the occupied Biologica steki, surrounding the area around the campus, with an increased presence inside the university. The storming and eviction of the steki was chosen to take place at dawn (6:00 am) as they would not face any form of resistance at this time. We do not consider the eviction of the steki to be an exception, as part of the political methods of the state in the form of control and repression to silence any mode of expression and action that deviates from the dominant one.

The context of repression that the steki has suffered over the years so far has come mainly from authorities and committees within the university. The current eviction – the longest-lasting occupation on university premises – is, we believe, contextually of heavier political significance.

For the state, it marks the end of ‘lawlessness’ on university campuses and the ‘sterilization’ of educational institutions, promoting, as necessary, a regime of surveillance and control, locking up faculties and intensifying the policing of the university. A necessary condition for the achievement of these plans is the silencing of any radical, autonomous voice that moves in the university space, such as occupied social centers (steki), squats and autonomous groups.

For us, these are spaces of freedom, rejecting notions of hierarchy, ownership and economic exploitation. In them, we create our own structures, based on self-organization, equality, anti-commercialism and solidarity, from our political existence and action to our entertainment.

As we have defended the spaces that have been attacked in the past, in Greece and abroad, so now they will find us against them in their attempt to eliminate us. Our response to your repression will be in front of you, as it has been for so many years.

In November 1987, the Biologica steki is occupied by students as the need for a new social space of expression arises. The steki, once intended as a university library, now functions as a self-managed café, a place of counter-information and a base for social and student struggles.

From the very beginning, its composition and action is diverse since groups with different characteristics and different ways of action are gathered in the same space.

During these 34 years, the steki has hosted students, concerts, theater plays, radio and political projects, while cafes, collective kitchens, screenings, Greek lessons for immigrants, self-defense courses, etc. have been held. They have supported struggles such as those of conscientious objectors, political prisoners, student squats and have hosted efforts to financially support court costs, comrades in need and medical expenses in the context of solidarity. To this day, the steki continues to be a meeting point and political hub, with the main focus on self-organization in struggle, solidarity with incarcerated comrades and the daily assertion of our lives.

The attack on our spaces will not only not go unanswered but also acts as a driving force for a counter-attack as it reminds us once again that we are in a constant war. The fairy tale of order and security realized through repression by all forms of cops and snitches reignites our need to continue to fight by being in solidarity with one another.

If you think that by evicting our spaces you are going to annihilate us too, you are living in delusion.
We will make sure that we bring you back to reality.


Στέκι στο Βιολογικό
Sketi Biologica
Thessaloníki, Greece

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